We offer a complete line of new home systems including prewiring your home to ensure that your home is capable of whatever comes down the pipe well into the future. For instance, did you know that some companies are still using "quad" wire for telephone wiring? This type of wire is mainly used today for alarm systems and should never be used for telephone wiring. We use, at a minimum, Category 5e wiring. This is the same type of wire used in commercial buildings for high speed computer networks. This helps to ensure that no matter what technology comes along, your home can handle the traffic.

We also offer whole home audio systems from Russound. Makers of some of the finest and advanced audio products on the market today. Mom can listen to her favourite CD in the kitchen while Dad listens to the news in the den. The kids are listening to their iPod™ in their bedrooms while a party is going on on the deck. All this and more from Russound and ACS Ltd.